Freedom Food

PowerPoint PresentationWhat is Freedom Food?

Freedom Food is the affordable higher animal welfare choice.
It’s also the only UK assurance and food labelling scheme dedicated solely to improving farm animal welfare – Click here for more info
Consumers know that if the meat, salmon and eggs they eat is Freedom Food then the animals have been inspected to the RSPCA’s strict farm animal welfare standards.
Set up by the RSPCA 20 years ago and a registered charity, Freedom Food is the only farm assurance scheme where members must meet animal welfare standards set by the RSPCA.
There are more than 3,000 Freedom Food members across farming and food production.

How does Freedom Food benefit animals?

The RSPCA welfare standards cover every aspect of the animal’s life, including feed and water provision, their environment, how they’re managed, health care, transport and humane slaughter.
It’s not just farmers who have to meet the standards, it’s everyone involved in the animals’ lives, including hatcheries, transporters, animal handlers, abattoirs and processors.
This video is an example of how Freedom Food and the RSPCA farm animal welfare standards help animals, in this case veal calves.
More videos are available on the Freedom Food YouTube channel

How does Freedom Food benefit my business?

Freedom Food is the only UK farm assurance scheme backed by the RSPCA, one of Britain’s most well-known and trusted animal welfare organisations.
Despite sustained economic uncertainty, consumer demand for higher standards of farm animal welfare has continued to grow.
Sourcing Freedom Food could help you take advantage of this trend by differentiating your business from your competitors and adding value to your service.

How can I source Freedom Food?

Find out where you can source Freedom Food via the website or contact them by  e-mail