Get Involved If you are serious about changing your buying activity for the better Green10 will help you

We developed Green10 because our clients wanted a flexible framework that would help them realise their unique strategies. No two food service organisations are the same; their buying profiles, their food offers and, above all, their customers will be diverse. So, we developed a framework that would provide any food provider the opportunity to improve their buying activity – whatever their interpretation of the green agenda.

Green10 represents a starting point, a halfway house and perhaps even an end game for some food service organisations. Whatever your current circumstances, we will help you achieve your green vision.

The Green10 Team will help you assess your current buying activity and develop a suitable and realistic plan for improvement which reflects your existing plans or new aspirations.
Existing policy assessment
Forensic review of buying profile
We will help you identify where change is required to modify existing custom and practice to deliver a more responsible buying profile across your estate or within your outlet.
Supply chain review
Business process review
We will help you construct the plan for change
taking into consideration people, resources and time so that tangible
and measurable improvements will be demonstrated to your stakeholders.
Construct integrated plan for change
Identify specific improvement metrics
We work alongside your team
to make sure that the mobilisation of any new business process or the
training of staff in revised systems goes according to plan.
Support the launch
Deploy and train the systems