About Buying responsibility
– simplify a complex challenge!

There are many issues to consider when extending an existing responsible sourcing strategy or constructing an approach for the first time. Whatever the current situation, Green10 has been developed to help organisations realise their unique goals. Green10 is a framework that can help any food service operator shape their responsible buying strategy.


Road map to success

By selecting one, or a series of pillars, a route map can be
established which can be built upon to realise
responsible sourcing goals… small steps turn into big strides.

Measured efficiency

For each pillar, the metric by which operational/financial performance may be measured has been defined.

Focused Approach

We understand that food service providers will focus upon their own
combination of pillars that reflect their policies, strategies and CSR

Help when you need it

Our job is to help you shape your approach to responsible sourcing
and provide the means by which progress can be accurately measured.